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How Living in Yellowstone National Park Changed Me

The coolest thing about living inside the park for nearly 6 months has been the wildlife. The scariest thing about living here has been the wildlife. When I drove from Texas last April, I was entranced by the vision of bison grazing far in the distance beyond the Madison River ala Dances with Wolves. I thought this what was Yellowstone would be like – glimpses of wildlife from afar. (more…)

Teachable Moments

Each time I check my WordPress site stats, I’m awed by the distance this blog travels to reach folks in other lands. Like Croatia. Australia. Philippines. And I’m following blogs in faraway places like Nax Mont-Noble, Switzerland. The snow-covered Swiss Alps in the distance attest to the need for quality insulation, which will be supplied via straw bales. Watch this cool time-lapse video of the Maya Guesthouse under construction, creating a sustainable, efficient way to keep folks warm & cozy. (more…)

Call of the Wild

Have you ever had a nagging urge, a persistent calling, to live your life in a simpler way? To be more Thoreau-like? To become the person you’ve always wanted to be – inside and out? This blog is dedicated to those who have that calling, are well on their way, or have absolutely no clue about how to begin. (more…)

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