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Musings on the Fulltime RV Lifestyle

Bless me father, for I have strayed. It’s been 5 months since my last blog post…

Since leaving the Badlands in October, I traveled to Nashville to work for Amazon again, then followed the Natchez Trace south and veered off to Texas where I’ve been volunteering for 3 months. Despite the fact that I was gifted with free hi-speed internet service here, I have not felt moved to post about my travels. I thought about it a dozen times or so, but never felt ready to write until now. (more…)

Escapees CARE Center – Livingston, TX

While I’ve long volunteered on various boards, environmental cleanup crews, and local libraries; enjoying the satisfaction that comes with giving back or paying it forward; this was my first time volunteering for an independent living center. That it was a workcamping situation, trading for 3 meals a day and a full hook-up site (less electric bill) made it an extra good deal. And that Excapees CARE Center benefits fellow RVers in an independent living setting made it priceless! (more…)

World Birding Centers – South Padre Island & Roma Bluffs, TX

A birder since 2007 and full-time RVer, I was thrilled to find a short-term workcamping job listed on the Escapees job board for the World Birding Center at Roma Bluffs, TX. There are nine World Birding Centers located in the lower Rio Grande Valley: (more…)

Campground Review – Falcon State Park, Falcon Heights, TX

In January I broke a molar and went to a dental clinic in East Texas near where I was parked, fully intending to have the tooth pulled. Instead, the dentist talked me into saving the tooth and putting in a crown. After 6 shots of Novocain, the temporary crown was installed and I was scheduled to return in a month for the permanent crown. Budget shot but tooth saved, I looked online for workcamping jobs in the area and was thrilled to be hired for a short-term assignment at Roma Bluffs World of Birding Center in Roma Bluffs, TX. (more…)

Caring Community Cafés

one acre cafe 1.JPG

My friends are the best people I know. Not because they’re friends of mine, but because I SO admire and respect the way they walk their talk and do for the less fortunate in their communities. On a recent visit back to Tennessee (more…)

If You Can Read This…

Literacy has always been a passion, since the first time my mother took me to our small town public library housed in an old brick red fire station. “Only 3 books” was the limit back then. I suppose that’s how many she could locate, per kid, around the house on due day. (more…)

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