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Musings on the Fulltime RV Lifestyle

Bless me father, for I have strayed. It’s been 5 months since my last blog post…

Since leaving the Badlands in October, I traveled to Nashville to work for Amazon again, then followed the Natchez Trace south and veered off to Texas where I’ve been volunteering for 3 months. Despite the fact that I was gifted with free hi-speed internet service here, I have not felt moved to post about my travels. I thought about it a dozen times or so, but never felt ready to write until now. (more…)

Happy 100th Birthday National Park Service

August 25th is the Centennial Celebration of the National Park Service. After watching Ken Burns PBS Special on the National Parks a few years ago, I knew that visiting as many parks as possible would be a priority on my RVing adventure. Working and living in Yellowstone National Park for 6 months this year is a dream come true. (more…)

1 Year Anniversary of Full-time RVing

One year ago I traded in my house in Georgia for a new 29’ pull-along trailer. My bright red Honda Fit was upsized to a bright red, gently used Chevy Silverado. One of my jobs came along with me as I continue to do online communications for a marketing company a few hours a week. (more…)

6 Week RVing Milestone

Six weeks ago I moved into Gypsy full-time. The first few weeks were a flurry of learning to drive a pickup and tow a trailer, buying start-up equipment and finding a place for all the things I’d packed from my previous home. It was physically and mentally exhausting, but emotionally freeing at the same time. Having the time to do all the things I wanted and needed to do was a blessing. (more…)

I am a Turtle

Since getting the keys to my first hand-me-down car in my late teens, I have been a jackrabbit. Love to drive, especially by myself; and sometimes go too fast, especially around tight turns on winding roads. It’s been years since I’ve gotten a speeding ticket, thanks to cruise control. It keeps me in check.

Rose, my new Chevy Silverado loves to go fast, too. (more…)

Wondering Woman aka Wonder Woman

Today I broke down and bought booze. OK, make mine hard lemonade. Those that know me are chuckling because I live a pretty tame life and this 12 pack will probably last me 12 months. But it was a day of days.

AT 9:30 am, I started my mental checkout checklist. Cupboards closed. Shower door latched. Loose gear tucked into laundry baskets. Tanks drained. Slide in…wait a minute – the slide won’t move! (more…)

Why I Chose a Travel Trailer as My RV

When I decided close to a year ago that I wanted to drastically change my living arrangements, work environment, and lifestyle; I considered just jumping in my fuel efficient car and driving, while camping out in my tent. Or sewing together mosquito netting that would attach to the hatch of my car and keep the creepy crawlies out, however the thought of sharp-clawed bears and knife wielding bandits put that idea on the back burner. (more…)

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