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Musings on the Fulltime RV Lifestyle

Bless me father, for I have strayed. It’s been 5 months since my last blog post…

Since leaving the Badlands in October, I traveled to Nashville to work for Amazon again, then followed the Natchez Trace south and veered off to Texas where I’ve been volunteering for 3 months. Despite the fact that I was gifted with free hi-speed internet service here, I have not felt moved to post about my travels. I thought about it a dozen times or so, but never felt ready to write until now. (more…)

Campground Review – Escapees RV Club – Rainbows End, Livingston, TX

Rainbows End is home to the original Escapees RV Club established in 1978, brainchild of Kay and the late Joe Peterson. Located in Livingston, TX (pop. 5,335), an easy drive from the cities of Houston and Austin. This is the first RV park I’ve been to that earned top marks from me in every category! Escapees RV Club offers much more than your typical campground, though. (more…)

Weighed Down

My life is being distilled down to its essence. That’s a good thing, but is challenging physical and internal work. After deciding several months ago to transition from my beloved house in the Appalachian Mountains to a tiny house on wheels (an ultra light travel trailer with 200 sq ft of living space) the process of purging has been underway on all levels. (more…)

Change Here

Each workday, I travel 20+ miles down winding mountain roads through breathtaking woodlands, meadows, and river country. There’s always an unexpected surprise or two, like the Ring-necked pheasant I spotted last week (no doubt an escapee from a commercial hunting operation). A hawk soaring across a cornfield. Bright yellow shock of daffodils tucked behind an ancient barn. Canada geese and turkey hens in the horse field. Deer and other wildlife.

My intention is to substitute thinking for pure awareness as I motor into town. A driving meditation. When I do get lost in thought, worried about this or that, once I reach this sign posted on a shack where the kayakers and river runners don their gear, I am reminded to snap back to attention. (more…)

Slow! You Are in Charge of Your Own Wake

Last weekend, a friend hosted me for my first exploration into  historical Charleston, SC. As I sat in contemplation at the end of her long dock, several unusual boats drifted or motored past. The first was a small trolling boat – and the elderly dark-skinned man aboard tipped his cap in pure Southern style. Next came a deluxe triple-decker fishing boat whose captain sported a white yachting cap – but he did not even notice my presence. A woman in a blue kayak-like boat used her feet to propel herself along.

I closed my eyes to bask in the sun, but soon was roused by the chugging sound of a massive Coast Guard boat complete with bright orange cranes. To my surprise, from the opposite direction paddled this lone woman in a bikini. I asked if I could take her photo alongside the Coast Guard boat, since all she needed to get herself from here to there was a board and a paddle! What contrast! (more…)

Online Dating is Not For Sissies

Walked into my favorite Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago and the waitress held up one finger.



“The usual, with corn tortillas?”

“Yes. With the green salsa. Gracias.”      (sigh)

Even the waitresses know I usually dine solo. This hasn’t stopped me from doing the things I want to do in life, but it sure would be nice to share a meal (and perhaps more) with a companion. (more…)

Healing Women & Men

I am admittedly a humanist with feminist leanings. The walking stick pictured in the above banner photo has a little piece of rubber nailed to the end. The man who crafted it chortled “It’s from a high heel. So when you reach the top of the mountain, it will look like you climbed it in high heels.” Indeed!

I am also a black belt who has trained women and children to become black belts themselves. To face their fears, master their bodies, minds and emotions, then use their powers for good. Today’s unfolding news story about (more…)

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