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Musings on the Fulltime RV Lifestyle

Bless me father, for I have strayed. It’s been 5 months since my last blog post…

Since leaving the Badlands in October, I traveled to Nashville to work for Amazon again, then followed the Natchez Trace south and veered off to Texas where I’ve been volunteering for 3 months. Despite the fact that I was gifted with free hi-speed internet service here, I have not felt moved to post about my travels. I thought about it a dozen times or so, but never felt ready to write until now. (more…)

Do Unto Yourself

Witnessing my Dad’s passing a few weeks ago revived a memory of when I was also on death’s door. As a 30-something mom, I ran myself ragged managing a spotless household and successful international marketing department. My almost two-year old was ferried to daycare three days a week, and my (now ex) husband and I were tag team parents. He had Tuesday’s and Thursday’s off of work, I had Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I worked days. He worked nights. We slapped hands on the threshold door some days, taking turns coming and going. (more…)

Change Here

Each workday, I travel 20+ miles down winding mountain roads through breathtaking woodlands, meadows, and river country. There’s always an unexpected surprise or two, like the Ring-necked pheasant I spotted last week (no doubt an escapee from a commercial hunting operation). A hawk soaring across a cornfield. Bright yellow shock of daffodils tucked behind an ancient barn. Canada geese and turkey hens in the horse field. Deer and other wildlife.

My intention is to substitute thinking for pure awareness as I motor into town. A driving meditation. When I do get lost in thought, worried about this or that, once I reach this sign posted on a shack where the kayakers and river runners don their gear, I am reminded to snap back to attention. (more…)

An Average Day

Preacher told a story at a wedding I attended on Saturday.

This couple was celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. Yes, they had been married for 75 years. They got married a lot younger then. When the man was asked to stand speak to the crowd of well-wishers, he spoke plainly. “I’ve been happily married for 50 years.” Silence. He sat down. End of story.

The hall full of friends and family on Saturday chuckled at the brevity of the joke, realizing that if we average out the days of our lives, we’d be lucky to have two excellent days for every difficult one. (more…)

Valentine’s Day and a Story of Warm-heartedness

Valentine’s Day is still two days off, but the electricity is still on so I’m sending my Valentine to the world a bit early. I thought followers of this blog, my North Georgia neighbors, and my Self could use a little extra TLC this morning, as our area is predicted to receive up to a foot of additional snow, sleet, and freezing rain.  Pine trees and power lines are expected to start toppling like bowling pins. Blessings to all the road crews, utility workers, and emergency personnel who weather the storm on our behalf. (more…)

Circle of Life

Let me off this emotional roller coaster ride!  That’s what this month since the shift from old year/new year has been like, for myself and others. A friend summed it up in a Facebook post ’You wake up grateful… for jumping feet first off of broken roller coaster rides.”

There have been highs, like taking on bigger work projects for fun new accounts. And lows, like making it through the holidays alone. Then more highs like my son turning 25. And graduating college. On the same day! And more lows like missing him, as he’s several states away. Highs like meeting new friends and sharing belly laughs. Lows like severed connections with old friends and family. You know. Life. (more…)

Slippery Slopes

Sometimes, taking a leap of faith leads to slipping and falling on your butt. Other times, you finesse your way into the most excellent adventure! Last week, I hiked with a new friend on a path that was familiar to her, but brand new to me. We got off to the wrong foot, missing the trailhead and having to backtrack for a mile until we found the white blaze. This particular trail was uneventful in midwinter, until we climbed to the top of a rise and peered down at a sapphire blue lake. Any other time of year, the view would have been hidden by leafy greens, but on this day, the sight was glorious. (more…)

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