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How Living in Yellowstone National Park Changed Me

The coolest thing about living inside the park for nearly 6 months has been the wildlife. The scariest thing about living here has been the wildlife. When I drove from Texas last April, I was entranced by the vision of bison grazing far in the distance beyond the Madison River ala Dances with Wolves. I thought this what was Yellowstone would be like – glimpses of wildlife from afar. (more…)

Golden, CO, a Gold Mine of a Town

Spent a week at Chief Hosa Campground in Golden, CO, and fell fast and hard for this gold mine of a town. There were so many things to do in this historic small town, but stumbling upon the Five Star Baking Gluten Free Company just off of Washington Street was an unexpected treat. (more…)

Bee My Honey!

honey & bees.JPGDuring my transition time after the house sold and before I bought the RV, I stayed with a friend whom I pet sit for every few months. When she’s away, I care for one silly dog, a fat cat, a dozen or so ducks, schools of fish, and swarms of busy bees. OK, the bees take care of themselves, but I did help harvest their honey and learned a few things about them. (more…)

Slippery Slopes

Sometimes, taking a leap of faith leads to slipping and falling on your butt. Other times, you finesse your way into the most excellent adventure! Last week, I hiked with a new friend on a path that was familiar to her, but brand new to me. We got off to the wrong foot, missing the trailhead and having to backtrack for a mile until we found the white blaze. This particular trail was uneventful in midwinter, until we climbed to the top of a rise and peered down at a sapphire blue lake. Any other time of year, the view would have been hidden by leafy greens, but on this day, the sight was glorious. (more…)

Shiitake Start-up in Six Steps

Want to grow your own shiitake mushrooms? Or another delectable variety?  Two members of my local Master Naturalist group have had years of practice in growing their own shiitake, portobello, blue oyster, and other varieties of mushrooms. They guided the rest of us through six simple steps:

1. During the winter season, cut 3’ sections of a healthy hardwood tree 4 to 6” in diameter. We used freshly cut White Oak and Maple.  Shiitake translates to “Oak mushroom” and grows best on Oak, but our guides have used other hardwoods. (more…)

Twisty, Curvy Roads

I’ve rarely traveled in a straight line, driven somewhere new without getting lost, or taken the traditional path to success, thereby running across amazingly unexpected people, places, and experiences along the way. Can you relate?

My home is just off along a road with 40 curves along a 10 mile stretch. Those curves are so much fun to navigate and offer astounding mountain views just around the bend. They’re a great symbol for a life lived on the edge. (more…)

Saying Goodbye

It’s bittersweet, saying goodbye to this little cabin tucked into the woods of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. And to my generous landlady friend and her three dogs. But I’ll be back for visits, as I move to another spot just a few miles away. The new house is bigger than I’m used to, so will be offered for sharing by a roommate with a green thumb. Acres of lush woodlands surround a sunny lawn just begging to be turned into a fruit and nut orchard, filled in with medicinal and native plants, and anchored by herb and vegetable gardens. Chickens, rabbits and honeybees to follow… (more…)

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