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Georgia: On My Mind…My 1st Birthday!

Note from Lee: It has been such a blast to live and workamp in Yellowstone National Park for the past 3 months that I am way behind on my blog posts, so Miss Georgia has written this one…

It was my 1st birthday this week and Momma gave me extra treats and playtime, and even wild-caught salmon for dinner! Yes, I’m wild but no, I didn’t catch it. I did catch my first field mouse in the tall grass near the RV. I was so excited that I kept batting it with my paw until it hid under a board.

Lots of two-legged and four-legged are our friends here at our Yellowstone (more…)

Georgia: On My Mind… Snow!

Note from Lee: Miss Georgia is now 9 months old (betwixt cat and kitten) and has befriended javelina, a few small dogs & many humans during her travels.

Yesterday was the first time I ever visited Colorado, where Momma’s son and his cat, Shiva, live. And today was the first time I ever saw SNOW! Usually we take walks once or twice a day to explore the neighborhood, but it’s too cold and strange looking out there to make me even tempted to go outside. (more…)

Georgia: On My Mind…Javelina!

Note from Lee: My newly adopted sweet and saucy six month old kitten, Miss Georgia, would like to give her opinion on being a traveling kitty from time to time. Her blog posts will be titled “Georgia: On My Mind…” Hope you like this first one!

We pulled into a Texas State Park today and when I was released from the bathroom (where I stay when the RV’s on the road) there were four wild dogs right outside my door! Momma said they aren’t wild dogs, or wild hogs, but javelina! She had never seen them outside of a zoo, but there were three big ones and a smaller one right outside! They are from the peccary family, and are mammals that eat cactus and other plants and grubs. Adults can be 60# or more. I’m only 6# so they’re a little bit scary! (more…)

Meet Miss Georgia (aka Curious George)

Nothing brings a smile to my face like the antics of a young kitten (or pup or bambi). It’s been at least 5 years since my last pet, Bandit, passed of kidney failure. It took a while to get over that loss of a friend of 13 years. (more…)

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