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What it’s Like to Work for Yellowstone Association

Note: This is a personal blog post and in no way represents the opinions, interests, or intentions of Yellowstone Association. This is solely my opinion which may change at any time.

Last winter I applied to work at Yellowstone Association (YA), the non-profit organization that contributes to education, preservation and research at Yellowstone National Park. A friend who is a NPS Ranger gave me a great recommendation after I’d already applied online, and I was thrilled to get an interview and subsequent job offer. (more…)

1 Year Anniversary of Full-time RVing

One year ago I traded in my house in Georgia for a new 29’ pull-along trailer. My bright red Honda Fit was upsized to a bright red, gently used Chevy Silverado. One of my jobs came along with me as I continue to do online communications for a marketing company a few hours a week. (more…)

If You Can Read This…

Literacy has always been a passion, since the first time my mother took me to our small town public library housed in an old brick red fire station. “Only 3 books” was the limit back then. I suppose that’s how many she could locate, per kid, around the house on due day. (more…)

6 Week RVing Milestone

Six weeks ago I moved into Gypsy full-time. The first few weeks were a flurry of learning to drive a pickup and tow a trailer, buying start-up equipment and finding a place for all the things I’d packed from my previous home. It was physically and mentally exhausting, but emotionally freeing at the same time. Having the time to do all the things I wanted and needed to do was a blessing. (more…)

Gypsy, Rose and Lee Go RVing

Since leaving my day job last week and selling my sticks & bricks house two weeks ago, life has either drifted along idyllically or I’ve been caught in a chain of rapids. And it’s all good. (more…)

Miracles in Motion

This story is so personal, and so huge, that it needed to simmer awhile before it was ready to be published. There have been times in my life when I’ve been so positive and hopeful, and other times when everything seems so dark and bleak. This story is about one of those times when I asked for a miracle…and got more than I could have imagined. (more…)

Do Unto Yourself

Witnessing my Dad’s passing a few weeks ago revived a memory of when I was also on death’s door. As a 30-something mom, I ran myself ragged managing a spotless household and successful international marketing department. My almost two-year old was ferried to daycare three days a week, and my (now ex) husband and I were tag team parents. He had Tuesday’s and Thursday’s off of work, I had Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I worked days. He worked nights. We slapped hands on the threshold door some days, taking turns coming and going. (more…)

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