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Contra Dance Review – Bear Hug, Flathead Lake, MT


I was really jonesing for a contra dance weekend and jumped at the chance to attend Bear Hug Contra in mid-September on Flathead Lake, Montana. About a 6 hour drive from Yellowstone and 90 minutes from Glacier National Park, I figured I could make a long weekend out of it and see Glacier while I was in the area. Friends told me how beautiful the Flathead Lake area was, but when I spied it from the highway to the south, I exclaimed out loud “Oh wow.” Even though nobody else was in the car.


Contra Dance Review – Music City Masquerade, Nashville, TN

Cohn School.jpg

The Nashville Country Dancers sponsor a Friday night contra dance at 3511 Belmont Blvd, but after working 10.5 hours at Amazon, dancing is the last thing my tired feet want to do on a Friday night. However, last weekend I paid $10 for the Sunday ala cart portion of Music City Masquerade, the dance weekend scheduled each year around Halloween.


Contra Dance Review – CFOOTMAD, Denver, CO

denver dance 1

When East Coast contra dance friends told me “You’ll see familiar faces in your travels” I knew I’d run into familiar callers and bands, as they travel far and wide. But dancers? No way, I thought. The distance is too great. So imagine my surprise when I ran into familiar faces my first time at the twice monthly Friday night CFOOTMAD dance in Denver. I first recognized (more…)

Dance Review –John C Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC

Three years ago, I’d timed my move to the mountains on North Georgia to coincide with a Saturday night contra dance at the John C Campbell Folk School, because I knew a stranger would feel welcome there. So it was fitting that this past Saturday night, my last in North Georgia for who knows how long, I danced at the Folk School once more. And it was a superb dance to go out on. (more…)

Dance Review –Serenity Knoll, Jonesborough, TN

Had once of the best dance experiences in my 15 or so years of contra dancing on the 4th of July. David Wiley, the founder & chief organizer of the Historic Jonesborough Dance Society in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Northeast Tennessee, regularly coordinates Saturday night dances and dance weekends held at the Jonesborough Visitor Center. A few years ago, David built an exquisite open air dance pavilion (more…)

Dance Review – River Falls Lodge, Marietta, SC

river falls sign.jpg

It’s been years since I’ve danced at River Falls Lodge, but heard about a great band called Frequent Flyers that hails from Oregon, Vermont, and Massachusetts via social media and decided to make the two hour trek from where I was staying (more…)

How to Build a Stone Wall (and break through one)

It’s been 9 months since my last confession. So much internal and external shifting has happened since my dad’s death last spring, that I did not have words for a long time. They are beginning to return…

No one tells you that when an intense period of caretaking ends, that the body and soul of a person need time to decompress, like a deep sea diver coming out of the depths at intervals, less they explode from the sudden change in pressure. (more…)

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