Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Note from Lee: It has been such a blast to live and workamp in Yellowstone National Park for the past 3 months that I am way behind on my blog posts, so Miss Georgia has written this one…

It was my 1st birthday this week and Momma gave me extra treats and playtime, and even wild-caught salmon for dinner! Yes, I’m wild but no, I didn’t catch it. I did catch my first field mouse in the tall grass near the RV. I was so excited that I kept batting it with my paw until it hid under a board.

Lots of two-legged and four-legged are our friends here at our Yellowstone campground. There are big dogs like Buck (he’s not really a deer) and Bear (she’s not really a grizzly) and Sophie (who’s really a kangaroo). We touch noses when we’re outside together, but Sophie barks and jumps so I try to stay out of her way. Sheridan and Davey came over to visit today and we touched noses through the screen door. Sheridan, I mean, not Davey.

Davey & Sheridan

Momma also had a birthday, too and turned 55. She says that being on the road for a year now has turned the clock back and that she’s never had so much fun in her life. She told me that now that I’m a One Year Old, I’m not a kitten anymore and am now a cat. But I swear I’m one of the dogs…

kitty condo

I got a new perch for my birthday, because my first one fell apart every time I jumped on it. This one is really solid and is strapped to the wall for extra support. Because when I play, I play hard! And when I nap, I nap hard. Life is short, so why do anything halfway??

Aunt Shelly sent me some organic cat grass and a catnip mouse. It’s the second time I’ve tried catnip, and both times Momma had to wrestle the toy away and take it outside. She says it makes me crazy and I’m not fun to be around when I’m stoned.

Georgia 1st birthday

She got me two new toys but one of them was dangerous. It was called something like D’Bird and the stretchy string got wrapped around my neck twice. Momma was sitting a few feet away and all I could do was squeak then flopped down to the floor. She grabbed some scissors and cut the noose, then I was okay. The next day she put the feathery part on a different toy so I can still play with it, but she says I’m down to 7 Lives. My first lucky break was getting taken to the Humane Society, and the second was with that toy…

Being a cat instead of a kitten is pretty cool I guess, but I’d still rather run with the big dogs…

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Comments on: "Georgia: On My Mind…My 1st Birthday!" (2)

  1. Marla ellwood said:

    Lisa Tyler you are a bonified writer. Love reading it , making me LOL and grin. Thanks for your gift 🌞

  2. Haha…hope you get to meet Georgia someday soon. She is so much fun… Lee

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