Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

A few months ago I arrived in Texas to change my domicile and winter in warmer climes. Little did I know that this vast state is so diverse in its land, people, and culture. Crisscrossing the state from east Texas, down to the Gulf of Mexico, and along the Rio Grande I marveled at the hundreds of miles of unpopulated ranchland, redbuds flowering in February, authentic Mexican food, and how narrow the river that divides Texas and Mexico.

FM 521 webpage.png

Three times during my travels I stopped at my favorite boondocking site in Wadsworth, TX, just outside of Bay City and the Matagorda County Birding and Nature Center (which boasts the highest number of species in the country on the Audubon Christmas Count).

I found this gem through the excellent resource called Day’s End Directory which is available only to members of the Escapees RV Club. If you haven’t yet explored this directory of no and low cost RV sites, non-members can still utilize their new Route Planning Map Link (look for the link in green text). Members get quarterly updates (I save mine as a .pdf file for use offline when I’m on the road) and are encouraged to confirm, add, or revise listings as needed.

FM 521 bridge.jpg

The park is located off of FM 521 heading east past the post office and the turnoff is just past this bridge. I googled the meaning of “FM” and it means “Farm to Market Road”. Off the spacious parking lot is a porta potty, several covered picnic tables, a fishing pier and boat launch. Overnight parking is free and available for 3 nights in a row. Park officials cruised by every few days. Several small fishing boats put in while I was there, and families fished off the dock. Larger boats like this beauty cruised up and down the Colorado River a few times each day.

FM 521 barge.jpg

On weekend nights there were a few partiers in the parking lot as would be expected in a small town, and unfortunately they left evidence in terms of beer cans, articles of clothing and trash in the parking lot. Someone left a dozen or so cans of paint and other contaminants in the dumpster, despite signs to the contrary. To pay it forward, I cleaned up some of the litter around my rig.

FM 521 gypsy.jpg

Overall, I felt this was a safe public parking spot conveniently located halfway across the lower portion of the state. The beauty of the Colorado riverfront, proximity to great birding, and free parking make it a favorite stopover.




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