Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Note: This is a personal blog post and in no way represents the opinions, interests, or intentions of Amazon.com. This is solely my opinion which may change at any time.

I signed up to work for Amazon before I’d even purchased my RV, knowing I’d need to supplement my income on the road. In exchange for a salary of $10.75/hr plus overtime and bonuses, I received a full hookup site. The friendships made along the way were icing on the cake.

This is the photo I took for Rosie and John’s annual Christmas card. Even though we were done working, they donned their “uniforms” at a nearby coffee shop for this photo, right down to the used work gloves. Friends like Rosie, John, Bill, Cathy, Danielle, Mark, Irma, Corey, Leanna and many others made my three month stay outside Nashville most entertaining and enjoyable.

Amazon Rosie & John.jpg

Irma and I went to a Christmas concert at the famous Ryman Auditorium, original home of the Grand ‘Ole Opry. Mary and Danielle invited me to share in their two youngest children’s birthday party and another dinner. Bill and Cathy will meet up again with me in Yellowstone. Corey and Leanna shared their love of travel, music, art and cats. Others became Facebook friends, perhaps to reunite next season.

The Murfreesboro fulfillment center was built in 2012, and this was their 2nd season employing CamperForce workers for Peak Season. Unlike some of the other CamperForce locations, BNA3 (the moniker for this location) handed out gift cards as prizes and incentives both years. Anyone working the required overtime shift (between 50 and 60 hours) received a $100 Visa gift card the following week, including full-time and seasonal employees. In addition, I was surprised to win a $100 gift card for being among the fastest packers that day. All employees working on a particularly productive shift won $35 gift cards. In total I received $450 in Visa gift cards this season.

Amazon gift cards 2

Several times a week there were other incentives as well, from a chance to spin the “Wheel of Fortune” and win prizes like pizza, vending machine tokens, or a couple of ‘Boro Bucks (used to trade for Amazon related items like water bottles and T-shirts). Snack Attack happened once or twice a week during Peak, with higher ups passing out trail mix, brownies, candy and sincere “thank you” for a job well done.

There were also contests for fastest workers, most productive shifts, and random winners. On designated days we could wear Amazon T-shirts, tie-dye, or our favorite sports teams for chances to win a prize. During Peak, raffle tickets were given out for achieving our rate and other goals for big ticket items like $500 Visa gift cards, Xboxes, vacations, cameras, and more.

One of my $100 Visa gift cards was traded for something priceless – my kitten, Georgia. Adopted from the Humane Society, she’d had all her shots and been spayed already. She even came with toys and kitten food to get us started. Despite a few kitten-ish calamities, we have had a great time playing, exploring outside, cuddling, and belly laughing/purring every day. Best $100 I’ve spent in a long time… Thanks, Amazon.

Amazon boro bucks 2

Like the other three fulfillment centers, at the end of the season we were given the option to finish on December 21st or 23rd. Once finishing the end of the season, we were entitled to a completion bonus of $1 per hour worked. Mine was more than $700 and was enclosed with my final pay check.

Amazon Georgia.jpg

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