Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Note: Since my last campground review I revised a couple of criteria labels and added Noise Level, one of the key factors that will make or break a site for me.

The city limit sign for Music City, otherwise known as Nashville, TN, is just down the road from Music City Campground in LaVergne, TN. It was one of six campgrounds contracted for use by Amazon Camperforce workers in Murfreesboro, TN. By the time I received my start date in August, the other five options had already filled up, and there was one spot left here. I took it!

Upon check-in, I met another Camperforce worker and decided to carpool to work together. My site was next to what appeared to be abandoned house trailer, with broken deck, rusty paint cans left out, torn siding, and lots of garbage beneath it. This open area was shelter for some feral cats. On the other side, my neighbor had a nicely decorated yard but was feeding the stray cats plus her own, a dog, and a rabbit. Skunks frequented her yard to eat the cat food and when her husband shot one with a pellet gun, our shared space reeked for a week.


This park is one of the oldest in the area, and is primarily used by permanent residents in RVs and a few mobile homes. Only 6 sites were open to Camperforce when I arrived, then 8 or so more sites were newly created. The longtime residents were heard to complain about money being spent to entice Amazon workers when the bath house was in disrepair. A dirty mattress was left outside for over a month near one dumpster. Broken glass and dangling electrical wires were on the backside of the hotel that also housed the office, which borders the campground.

Music City wires

The noise level was the final straw for me – dumpsters were emptied between 2 and 3 am, and were slammed back down to the ground. A train went by several times an hour, blasting its horn for a minute or more. Trucks accessing the nearby factory lent their “beep, beep, beep” backup warnings to the din. The police station was two doors down, and sirens blared on the busy highway. Then there was the drunken neighbor and his friends, one of whom passed out on my coworker’s lawn. When my coworker complained to the manager, he was offered a different campsite. That site had a malfunctioning sewer connection and blocked up. When it rained, the whole park smelled of raw sewage.

Music City mattress

The positive side to staying here for over a month is that a farmer’s market and public library are right next door, and library cards are issued with a note from the manager, who was quite friendly. One block down was a large grocery store, and there were several excellent Mexican, Thai and soul food eateries within a mile. If you were looking for an RV site close to the city for just a night or two, it would suffice, but I wouldn’t want to live again here for any length of time. There were no amenities like playground or pool, or grassy areas for pets or kids to run around.

This review is no reflection on Amazon, as they were not aware of the situation until I informed HR. I was advised to call another campground on the list that had a vacancy open up, and was happy with that option. My coworker ended up staying in Music City with his family, primarily because his wife needed consistent wi-fi for her job. But he also talked to HR with the hope that some alternative campgrounds will be used next year. Since the county where the fulfillment center is located does not permit campgrounds at all, it is difficult to find enough sites for RVers within a reasonable commute. However, I would definitely work there again and have already reserved a site in nicer conditions for the 2016 season.


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