Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Nothing brings a smile to my face like the antics of a young kitten (or pup or bambi). It’s been at least 5 years since my last pet, Bandit, passed of kidney failure. It took a while to get over that loss of a friend of 13 years. Back in Georgia, between part-time jobs, I was a pet sitter for several dogs, a cat, fish and even some ducks. Working several jobs and staying at other people’s homes to watch their pets did not allow enough time at my own home to train a pet, let alone be a conscientious owner. But after transitioning to RV life, and finishing up my all-encompassing seasonal job at Amazon right before Christmas, I kept thinking “Now’s the time to get a kitten.

As the Gods of Serendipity would have it, on the morning of New Year’s Eve I was camped near my old North Georgia home for a week and had several errands to run. I pulled a random business card out of the stack I kept in my truck to write on the back of, and it was the card of the VP at the Humane Society in a town I would soon pass through. I thought “I could stop on my way to the next errand and see who’s available” but kept putting the card back down thinking “This is not a decision to rush into.” Feeling compelled to keep turning that business card over, I called the VP to see if they were even open on New Year’s Eve day. They were.

Ga face

I steeled myself outside the building “You don’t HAVE to adopt a cat today. If it doesn’t feel right, just walk away. There are Humane Societies all across the country.” Within 30 minutes of closing time, I visited the cats and kittens kept in three separate rooms. Room 1 had several young cats including a skittish all white one and it’s negative, an all black one who reminded me of my son’s cat, Shiva (the Destroyer) who has mellowed considerably over the years. In Room 2 was Calypso, a tortoise-shell who looked strikingly like my old Bandit. She jumped straight into my arms and started purring. I was hooked. Still, the volunteer urged me to visit Room 3 and I did, but my heart had already decided.

Ga blur


A few phone calls to my pet sitting references and $100 later (I used one of my overtime bonus cards from Amazon), 6 month old Calypso was riding in her temporary cardboard carrier. We stopped for food, litter, toys, and other supplies before finishing my errands and heading home. The first day was spent in the smallish space of the RV bathroom, where we contemplated a new name. Her original name just didn’t feel right so I brainstormed as she explored every inch of the new space. “Curious George” came to mind immediately, but that’s a boy’s name. “You’re going to be a traveling kitty” I told her “and you need a traveling name…Curious Georgina? Nah, I know! Your name is Georgia, because that’s where we adopted each other, and that’s an excellent name for a kitty whose life is full of ever-changing geography!”

The next day, Georgia explored the rest of the RV and promptly discovered a secret passageway from behind the loveseat in the living area to…where did she go? After following the thumps and bumps beneath the kitchen cabinets and into the bathroom, I pulled off a wooden panel beneath the bathroom sink and Tada! There she was, covered in dust bunnies. After several attempts at blocking off the entrance (which is impossible when the slide room is not extended), I gave her full reign of the secret passageway. You need to choose your battles…

pc keys

If anyone knows how to keep a curious kitten off a keyboard, let me know. Right now I’m typing without these keys…


Think: Do you now or have you ever had a furry/finned/feathered companion? What did they teach you?

Say: Miss Georgia is teaching me how to stay present, play with abandon, eat well, and rest deeply. Acknowledge the animals in your life and say “Thanks!” for the gifts they have given you.

Do: Have you been thinking about sharing your life with a new companion? Don’t wait, adopt a pet from the Humane Society, SPCA, or other charitable organization. Or donate blankets, food, or your time to make a difference in the little ones who have to reside there

Please: Share this post with three or more of your friends. If it has been helpful to you, it may be what someone else also needs to hear right now. Thank you!

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  1. Hey Lisa it’s Mark from Camperforce! How are you doing?

    • Hey Mark. Good to hear from you! I’m spending the season in Yellowstone & having a blast. Friends from Camperforce (packers) will be here to visit next week. Hope you guys are having a good time.

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