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Cohn School.jpg

The Nashville Country Dancers sponsor a Friday night contra dance at 3511 Belmont Blvd, but after working 10.5 hours at Amazon, dancing is the last thing my tired feet want to do on a Friday night. However, last weekend I paid $10 for the Sunday ala cart portion of Music City Masquerade, the dance weekend scheduled each year around Halloween.

Held at the Cohn School on Park Avenue in Nashville, there was plenty of parking in front of this beautiful building and the city park across the street. The only part of the weekend that could have been better was the antiquated restroom. Designed for elementary schoolers, the sinks were small and low to the ground, the stalls so narrow one had to turn sideways to close the door, and tiles busted on the floor.

MCM sign.jpg

It was obvious that a lot of folks helped to make this weekend spectacular, and I was sorry to have missed the Saturday night masquerade ball. After months on the road, it was a joy to walk in and spy longtime dancing friends Bob & Janine, Amy, Scott and others. During the first contra dance, I was reminded of why I love this art form so much – it represents the best of humanity: coming together in community, making sure everyone is having a good experience, and creating something bigger than ourselves.

MCM band

It was a treat to experience the Mean Lids for the first time. Their music was lively, had a Celtic bent, and magically transformed the gymnasium into a whirlwind adventure. Cis Hinkle is a favorite fun and polished dance caller, and Michael Hamilton did an excellent job starting us off in the morning. I hear he was part of Catapult – the Atlanta dance program that promotes emerging callers and musicians. Other callers and bands were part of the weekend repertoire that I missed.

MCM dance

Of course, snacks are a huge part of my ultimate contra dance weekend, and this group did a wonderful job of fortifying hungry dancers with a healthy brunch. I munched on a ham, cheese and lettuce sandwich (sans bread) and was ready to dance for several hours.

MCM food

My only regret is that I hadn’t known of or danced at Music City Masquerade in past years. It’s a wonderful group of folks, well organized, and features the best musicians, callers and dancers! Join the Nashville Country Dancers next year on October 28-30, 2016 as Diane Silver guides dances to The Latter Day Lizards.



Comments on: "Contra Dance Review – Music City Masquerade, Nashville, TN" (4)

  1. marla said:

    Hey Lisa, what fun photos and the joy you have for contra dancing leaps off the page! love and light to you, Marla, your Colorado friend.

    • Hi Colorado friend! I had fun dancing in Denver, too. And most recently in Montana. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Hi lisa: was thrilled to run across this. I’ve been trying to get to contra dancing for the last 10 years, SF Bay Area, then Atlanta, and now going to hit the road and by george, i’m going to stop and dance. Haven’t done it yet for a bunch of good and not so good reasons — not wanting to drive 50 miles at night back and forth, being tired of doing EVERYTHING by myself, etc. But while I’ve heard about gypsies following the contra trail, it didn’t occur to me that I can build some of my traveling around the dances. I hope to keep up with you and run into you one of these days at a dance. I’ll be hitting the road in the early-mid spring 2017. In the meantime, thank you so much for the info.

    • You are quite welcome. I’m happy you have found a way to incorporate more contra dancing into your life. Lee

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