Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

I tried to get a site at Cherry Creek State Park Campground in Aurora, CO all summer, but had to wait till my last night in the Denver area to secure one. Now I can see why. Only 15 miles from downtown Denver, Aurora is a spacious, gorgeous area. There are brand name stores and restaurants all around, and I even got a free oil change and tire rotation at Bozark’s Chevrolet with my Certified Used Truck Warranty.

I arrived in late afternoon, had plans in the city, then returned to the park near sunset. Drove out along the reservoir to discover a large sandy beach, boat docks, and bike trails throughout the park. I wish I’d had more time to explore!

cherry creek 1.jpg

My site #150 was a pull-through near the Ranger’s office with full hookups at $26 + $10 reservation fee + $9 daily park pass for a whopping total of $45 for one night. But there was good Wi-Fi coverage throughout the park, and 5 bars of phone coverage on Verizon.

cherry creek 2.jpg

On my way out, the main entrance was blocked by a tractor trailer who’d tried to turn around and managed to get it’s back wheels off the ground. All traffic was routed to another exit several miles away, so I got to see more of the vast park. In addition to many more miles of bicycle and hiking trails, there was a shooting range and model airplane field.

For a more recent story of a snowy day parked at Cherry Creek State Park as told by Miss Georgia, click here.


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