Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

As I’ve stated in past blogs, it can be tough to reserve RVing sites on the weekends anywhere remotely near Denver, however, I lucked out with a 12 day stay at Chief Hosa State Park Campground in Golden, CO. The campground host couple, Jerry and Ron, were superbly helpful,

especially when Ron helped guide me in backing onto the narrow RV space. I had been warned on the phone that it was a narrow site, which is why it was still available. “ll take it!” The middle site between two others, it was just wide enough for my slide to extend on one side, giving me a few inches to step off the stairs on the other side. I had to close my door in order not to fall off the ledge in order to get inside or out, but it worked for me.

chief hosa view.jpg

The only complaint I have about the campground was that the traffic from nearby I70 was incessant. However, the view within walking distance was remarkable.

Weather in the mountains can be changeable. Every afternoon there I saw lightening strikes and storm clouds, yet the sprinkles lasted only about ten minutes. One day there was a tornado warning throughout the whole region, but again the skies darkened over Denver, then returned to full sun within a half hour.

chief hosa sky

There were several big rigs that pulled in for the night, then made their way onward the next morning. One diesel rig pulled in next to me at 4 am, and was not done setting up and slamming doors until 4:45 am. There were dozens of tents set up in separate areas of the park, but this campground is famous for being the first in the country to promote camping out of your automobile.

chief hosa tents.jpg

Across the street is the beautifully preserved Camp Hosa Lodge. The gates were closed when I approached, but a sign stated hours were until dusk, so I sauntered in to peer through the windows. The lodge is still used as a wedding reception hall and meeting space, but doesn’t appear to be open to the public.


Chief Hosa Lodge.jpg

I really loved the proximity of this campground to Denver and surrounding locales, and the price was right. Wi-fi was spotty, and my iPhone got 4 bars of Verizon service and 3G the rest of the time. But the best part was our happy hosts and feeling of being part of the continuum of RVers who have been traveling through for 100 years.




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