Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

For my last few days in North Georgia while wrapping up the loose ends of life in these mountains, I went with a recommendation from Debbie & Tom, a couple I met a few campgrounds ago. This was their favorite of all private RV parks, and I can see why. While Trackrock Campgrounds & Cabins was pricier than any I have stayed at so far, and a bit simpler as far as recreational opportunities, it is the most serene, easy going, and welcoming place I have been to.

Upon arrival, I stopped in the Check-In station and received a warm welcome from John, half of our camp host couple. He pointed the way to my pull-through site on the map and sent me down the hill towards the lower loop. It seems a few sites have been added along the way, as the numbering system wasn’t cohesive. #52 is between #27 and #28. Go figure. I started hooking up my utilities, and could not get the water hose to connect to the faucet. I’d tried to order a Camco water bandit weeks ago, but they were out of stock. Rats. Removed the water filter and tried just the hose connection. Nope. Pulled out a brand new spare water hose and tried it several times. Tried duck taping the hose to the faucet. Water sprayed everywhere.

trackrock camp.jpg

Made a phone call and John drove up in his golf cart within minutes only to calmly and quickly connect the hose. “I swear I tried that eight times with two different hoses.” “You’ll get used to it” he said kindly. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this RVing thing…it’s always something.

Yesterday I drove into Blairsville to visit the much feted Farmer’s Market. It happened to be Green Bean Festival Day at the market, and it was packed. First thing I saw was David Wolf offering free chair massages. The old bulging disks in my neck have been crying out for attention, so I stood in line for 15 minutes to wait my turn. Turns out I was the last one he worked on that day, and did a great deal to alleviate the familiar pain in my neck.

Bought some green tomatoes for frying, onions, sweet corn and grass-fed beef; then visited the laundromat and a local diner. This is the first time I’ve eaten a meal out in weeks! I’ve gotten used to cooking for myself again, and actually missed it. Got back to Gypsy just before it rained. Nap time is always better when it’s raining, and I woke refreshed at 5 to get ready for a contra dance at nearby John C Campbell Folk School. If I’m back in the area to dance again, this will be a go-to place to park. Passport America discounts are available during off peak months.

trackrock fort.jpg

trackrock beach

The mountain views are available to all swimmers and a few well-placed RVers. I really liked the privacy and 90% shade in my forested campsite, and how the sites are tiered so there is no one directly beside you. My Verizon phone got 2-3 bars and 3G data service. There were full hookups, once John helped me get my water hose working!


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