Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

The most gorgeous harmonies and guitar accompaniment wafted in my RV window the other evening. “I love this life” was my thought. “Where else can you find an impromptu concert in your side yard?” I opened the screen door and listened for a few more songs before curiosity led me outside to sit at the picnic table and take in music that just had to be originals – they were uplifting, heartfelt, and had a style all their own. My neighbors in the big tan bus next door were singing duets, he playing guitar, and she singing like an angel. When they’d finished a song I really loved, I clapped my hands together, and was waved over to an empty lawn chair.

Blind Cider duo.JPG

Gary and Martha Alexander are the duo “Blind Cider”, a nod to the apple orchards and festivals that dot North Georgia. Married for six years, they combined Gary’s decades of guitar playing, music biz experience, and songwriting; with Martha’s classically trained musicality, love of singing, and ability to turn a phrase into a lyric. Together they write, perform and record together at small to mid-size venues in the GA-TN-NC triangle. Two months ago they created another lifestyle change together to become full-time RVers.

Blind Cider RV 2.JPG

“We always wanted a tour bus” says Gary “and after an invitation to go on tour with a group out of Nashville, we made the leap.” The tour was not what they’d envisioned, but this 1979 Blue Bird Wanderlodge was everything they could ask for in a home, office, music lounge, and outdoor lifestyle. They sold the 4,000 sq ft house in a highly sought after gated community to move in full-time and are parked in a private RV park in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.

Martha has a sign in her kitchen saying “Martha Stewart doesn’t live here” but you’d never know it. The vintage signs, accessories, and colors (neutrals with pops of red accents) make it seem as if they’d lived here for years, not just two months. Outdoors, their awning is fringed in white glow lights festooned with glowing red, green and gold guitars. The décor matches their eclectic, fun-loving personalities and refusal to be lumped into one musical genre.

Blind Cider RV.JPG


Nestle, the chocolate-colored dachshund, nestles contently in Martha’s arms as Gary stands to play his honey-toned Taylor guitar and the two sing their way through a rollercoaster ride of humorous originals, familiar folk standards, tunes that uplift your spirit, then drop down into a broken-hearted love song. My favorite of their originals, the one that describes them to a “T” is called “These Days”. To listen to a sample for yourself, or to invite them to play at your next event, click here for their Facebook page. Hang on for the ride!


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