Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

My first foray out of the RV dealership’s campground was to Etowah River Campground, located outside of the mountain town near where my sticks & bricks house was located. I discovered their listing in the current Passport America directory, but the phone number was disconnected, so I researched the new number online. The campground had recently changed hands and was not participating in Passport America, but they agreed to honor the advertised 50% discount, so I stayed for 10 nights.

The owner explained that she was actively working to rebuild the property, and indeed had rented a small bulldozer for grading the red clay roads in between rainstorms, every chance she got. Daily downpours caused ruts to reappear with heavier weekend traffic before gravel could be laid down, so she appeared to be fighting a losing battle.

Grassy RV sites were all pull-ins, which made it easy for this newbie to navigate. There were 30 & 50 amp outlets, sewer and freshwater connections at each site. There was no Verizon service or wi-fi throughout the park, and I drove 2 miles to a main highway before connecting to 4 bars and 3G.


A short walk to the shallow Etowah River was the main attraction, although there was only a small, littered shoreline. A pretty good-sized playground sat vacant as I only saw teens and adults in nearby tent camps.

The biggest draw for me to this campground was proximity to my mailbox, tag office, library and friends while I ready for a cross-country adventure.

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