Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Since leaving my day job last week and selling my sticks & bricks house two weeks ago, life has either drifted along idyllically or I’ve been caught in a chain of rapids. And it’s all good.

At my age (mid-fifties), I’ve grown to accept the 4:30 wakeup call my body makes most mornings, despite using HRT and a mild sleeping pill. It’s a fine time to read, blog, or research before heading back to sleep around 7 for an hour or two. With the day job wrapped up, and my continuing freelance job being extremely flexible, I am stressing less about being awake with the owls. This time around a blog is brewing…

Two days ago I found the perfect tow vehicle, a pristine Chevy Silverado 4×4 with 20,000 miles and a warranty. “Rose” is bright red with gleaming chrome, is a workhorse that can easily pull a trailer, and best of all is fun to drive. It was hard to trade in the little Honda Fit that has served me so well in this mountainous area, but I got the high end of my trade-in value, and someone else will benefit from a beautiful little runabout with low miles and plenty of spunk.


Yesterday, Rose and I went in search of the ultra-light travel trailer I’ve been dreaming of and researching for the better part of a year, but we hit a snag. The premier 2015 model I’d decided on was no longer available at any East coast dealership, and the 2016 version has more bells & whistles and a higher sticker price than I wanted to pay. I’d been monitoring Craigslist and RV Trader for months, and the choice came down to investing in a used trailer with no warranty and not much of a price break vs. a new one of a different brand and slightly lower interior quality.  However, the layout, aluminum frame and fiberglass shell is identical to higher end models, and is more spacious than I’d counted on.

Since my chief priority is to live self-sufficiently and debt-free (thank you, Dave Ramsey and four years of Financial Peace University), I also value a warranty and chain of service centers across the country, so I choose to buy a new 2015 model from the big camping conglomerate, and stay in their campground for free for a week while I take a 3 hour maintenance course and RV driving lessons. Their earliest walk-through appointment was for today, so at 3 pm the adventure begins.

gypsy 1.JPG

“Gypsy” is a 28’ ultra-lite Coleman trailer with 250 sq ft of living space (plenty of room for my yoga practice) and lots of storage cabinets, yet is still easily towable at 6,500 pounds fully loaded. The love seat and dinette convert into spare beds if my son or friends want to visit. And, it comes with a music system but no television, which is a plus in my book! The scaredy-cat part of my brain says “OMG, what have I done?!” but the higher part of me calmly says “Lee, you can’t even imagine the freedom you have created. You are free to explore, work, play, meet people and live life on your own terms. Enjoy it, girl!”


Think: Are you living the life of your dreams? What are your priorities for how you want to live? What do you need to change in order to be the person who gets to live that life?

Say: Choose a trusted confidant whom you can tell about your vision for your life. Describe yourself living this new way in the future, how it looks and how it feels.

Do: Start researching the stories of other people who are living in ways you want to live, for example: resilient, grateful, or resourceful. Determine what personal qualities these role models have in common and practice living as if you already embody those qualities. You will quickly make strides towards living the life of your dreams!

Please: Share this post with three or more of your friends. If it has been helpful to you, it may be what someone else also needs to hear right now. Thank you!


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