Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Today was a flurry of driving 90 minutes through Chattanooga traffic to get to Camping World for the walk-through of Gypsy, who is my very first RV. She is a new 2015 Coleman 29’ house on wheels. Meanwhile, my new, gently used 2013 Chevy Silverado was getting fitted for a stabilizing hitch and trailer brake box. I had planned on camping for a few nights while my Chevy dealer waited on the trailer brake box to arrive, but the Camping World guys had one installed before I knew at, at no extra charge. So we got hitched and were ready to tow before I knew it.

hitch 1.JPG

Five minutes later, the super informative walk-through tech was showing me how to attach the sway bars and chains, and crank her up. Luckily, he took her for the maiden voyage of a quarter mile to the camp ground, parked her, leveled her, and hooked up the utilities. Phew! I thought I’d have a few days before having to master such a steep learning curve. I’ve never really driven a truck before, let alone an RV. I have an appointment to take the free RV driver’s safety course on Monday morning. By then, I will have psyched myself up to be able to do this thing.

A few things have gone wrong, like the bathroom faucets are piped incorrectly, so that hot water comes out the right side and cold out the left. One of the storage bay fasteners won’t open, unless you crawl through the compartment from the other side and manually lift the latch (don’t ask how I know that). And, I’m parked right next to a motocross course, complete with announcer and roaring engines at bedtime.

gypsy x.jpg

Still, I am counting my blessings. I actually live in a paid for home, drive a paid for truck, have work I enjoy that I can do from the road, and have the freedom to travel at my own pace. It’s one heck of a good time so far!

Future GR&L blogs will share my research into RV’s, tips and tricks, travelogues, and anything else I think will be useful to full-time RVers, part-time wanderers, or vicarious wannabes. If you have comments or suggestions for a topic, please chime in!


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