Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Walked into my favorite Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago and the waitress held up one finger.



“The usual, with corn tortillas?”

“Yes. With the green salsa. Gracias.”      (sigh)

Even the waitresses know I usually dine solo. This hasn’t stopped me from doing the things I want to do in life, but it sure would be nice to share a meal (and perhaps more) with a companion.

Even my mechanic took pity on me and set me up on a blind date a few months back. The body builder and I had nothing in common, except for one thing. Our mechanic. I ran into “The Hulk” again when I got my wheel bearing fixed. Yup, still more brawn than brains.

After two girlfriends showed me their online dating profiles and walked me through the process, I signed up with a well-known site. Within minutes, there were winks, thumbs up, and favorites coming out of the woodwork. Of course, they were out-of-state, illiterate, looking for much younger women, or just plain crude. One guy had some interesting hobbies and sounded good, but my friend knew him and warned me off. When he wrote 3 emails in 3 hours, I explained that I wasn’t interested, but that we have a mutual friend. He invited the two of us over for a drink. Yuck.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Several of my friends have met or know someone who has met the love of their life in cyberspace. It just seems that you have to sift through an awful lot of frogs to find a prince, much less a King.

At a social event last weekend, two women my age were talking about online dating, so I chimed in. One had met her sweetheart online – she actually saw his profile, and created a profile to run during the free trial period. She instant messaged him, saying “You’ve only got 3 hours to get back to me with your email address before my free trial expires, and I’m here just to meet you. It worked.

The other woman had met an American man who works in Saudi Arabia. He only had 3 “musts” and I am not making this up:

“Must be willing to marry me and move to Saudi Arabia.” She was.

“Must be willing to wear a burqa.” She was.

“Must be willing to swap with other couples.” She wasn’t happy about it, but was considering it.

“Honey, you can do better” was all I could think of to say.

In the last 10 days, I’ve ranked exactly 136 men. I know this because I am a computer nerd and created a spreadsheet. LOL

99 are “no’s”. 29 are “maybe’s.” 7 are potential “yes’s.” And 1 is the guy to beat.

Necklace - Dew Drop - Lovers 1

He actually read my profile, got the jokes, responded in kind, and writes beautifully. His profile describes himself as a “one woman” man of high integrity and comparable values. We’re both high-tech geeks, energy workers, and are allergic to scented products. He even plans to retire to the town where I live. Kismet?

Since I write this blog about living more simply, when he asked how I typically like to dress and my favorite types of restaurants, I confessed that I shop in thrift stores. That I love diners and anything made with chocolate. Simple pleasures like hummingbirds and fireflies. Herbal tea, good books and campfires. That sustainable living was really important to me.

When he wrote back, he made a typo (I think) and said “Sustainable loving is awesome!”

Yup, he just might be a keeper!


Think:   What simple pleasures do you enjoy? Things that are low-cost, readily available, and guilt-free.

Say:   Tell a friend about all the things that make you happy,

Do:   Pick one thing from your list, and one thing from their list. How can you combine them and double your fun? Do it today.

Comments on: "Online Dating is Not For Sissies" (7)

  1. Once Mr #1 sees your home, and meets YOU in person, it’ll be a done deal! Does he like hiking and birding?

    • Hi Sam,

      You are so sweet. Don’t know about birding, but he keeps asking me to teach him how to dance. Gonna take a chance and send him a link to this blog. That will either make or break the deal!

      Hope your sweetheart is recovering fully. You have both been troopers. Blessings heading your way.


  2. Lana Bommicino said:

    a world of adventure, Lisa. I enjoy your blog!

    • Hey Lana,

      Life is an adventure for sure. The best times are the ones we can reminisce about with each other as years go by. Thanks for your post.


  3. alexandra said:

    Many people have found someone special online. I know you will, too.

    Here’s a low cost thing I like: I like to take walks on the mountain with a camera and/or garden clippers. That way, I can bring back pics or a bouquet.

    • Hi Alexandra,

      Love your simple pleasure – both ways to capture the beauty that surrounds us. And, thanks for the encouragement. Turns out, some of my fav couples met online!


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