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Planting Seeds

It’s been two months since my last blog – waaay too long. It’s not for lack of interest or material, I just needed to pull up some old habits that were no longer helpful, trim back a few invasive stressors, and decide which new seeds to plant for a happier, healthier life.  My personal theme for the New Year is Rootedness. Planting my personal roots down deep into the clay soil, through the rich loam, and anchoring into the Appalachian Mountains that surround my home like cupped hands. Then, having those roots widen in all fruitful directions via writings, teachings, and relationships.

Thanksgiving and other unseasonably warm days (our new normal?) found me outside making lasagna on the lawn. That is, building gardens right on top of the lawn. Here’s the basic recipe, but feel free to improvise:

1)       Start with lime and sulphur or other amendments to balance the pH (invest in a soil test to determine your garden’s individual needs).

2)      Cover with newspapers 5 or 6 layers thick (available at my local newspaper’s loading dock).

Lasagne garden 1

3)      Top with a liberal amount of vegetable scraps, fruit peels, eggshells, and coffee grounds to entice the earthworms. Food scraps can be frozen until they accumulate. And the coffee grounds are courtesy of Starbucks.

Lasagne garden 2

4)      Add a thin layer of mushroom compost to kick-start the decomposition process.

Lasagne garden 3

5)      Cover with several inches of lawn clippings or other green material mixed with mowed, dried leaves. Or leaf mold. The more, the better. Garnish with wood chips if desired.

6)      Dust with a layer of organic cow manure, worm castings, or other aged manure.

7)      Marinate until Spring!

Lasagne garden 4

I’m making the best of a cold, rainy, winter’s day by ordering herb seeds online: Echinacea augustifolia, stevia, lavender, red clover, and calendula to name a few. Cashed in a gift card from my son for a new gardening book “Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians” a gift that will keep on giving. In preparation for Rootedness, I’m planting seeds that will nurture myself and others via healing flowers and leaves and roots. Planting seeds that will nourish my spirit by dreaming and scheming and creating. Planting seeds that will enrich the Earth by enriching and composting and harvesting. Planting seeds that will create a life of goodness and abundance.


Think:  What is the theme for your life this year?

Say:  Make a list of ways you can work towards your intentions. Prepare the space for future planting…

Do:  Plant a few seeds, literally or metaphorically. YOU get to decide what to grow in the garden of your life. Then see what else wants to take root that you hadn’t planned on. Tend to whatever you want to see flourish. And watch your garden grow!

Comments on: "Planting Seeds" (3)

  1. Good to ‘see’ you again Lisa! Rootedness is good~for me, at least. Enjoy your new roots!

  2. Tricia said:

    Love your new home and your personal theme of Rootedness. I want to plant our first garden this spring, too (first at our new homestead, anyway). I think I’ll just copy what you did!

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