Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

9 to 5

Well, it’s more like 8:30 till 5:30 or later. After more than a year of intensive job searching, more than 100 resume’s submitted, and a handful of interviews, I ended up with the perfect fit. After applying to advertised jobs in corporate headquarters, sole proprietorships, Fortune 500 companies and not-for-profits, my job came about in the most simple and synchronistic of ways.

As a new homeowner, I shopped around for utilities, looking for both a bargain and service with a smile. I had three choices. The first place never returned my call for a quote. Scratch. The second had a competitive price, but just didn’t feel right. The third was slightly higher, but I chatted with a fellow for several minutes and felt confident that his company would be professional and friendly.

I debated using option #2, but couldn’t find their shop, even though it was along my drive home. And my intuition kept telling me “Go to the third place.” Over and over. So I went.

A woman I had bumped into on a few different occasions was in the office chatting with an employee. We said hello, and as I sat waiting to speak to the owner, I overheard the employee whispering about an overflow of work due to a long-time employee easing into retirement. When my acquaintance left, my intuition piped up again “Ask for a job.” “Nah, I’ve been trying for so long with no luck.” “Ask anyway.”

So I did “Do you need any office help?” She rolled her eyes and said “We sure do!”. I interviewed with the owner, the patient gentleman I’d spoken to earlier on the phone. We talked a bit about my office experience, and I gave him a resume from the stack I always carry in the car. But mostly we discussed organic gardening, natural fertilizers, and heirloom seed saving. “I don’t eat food that hasn’t been around for a hundred years” he told me.

The next day, the utility workers came to the house to hook up my service. As they were leaving, I said “Say hello to your boss for me when you get back to the office.” Just then their cellphone rang. The driver had a quizzical expression as he handed me the phone “Ma’am, it’s for you!”


Think:  How many times does your intuition speak to you? How many times do you listen or ignore it?

Say:  Share a story of a synchronistic event.

Do:  Be open to allowing events to unfold easily in your life. For several days beforehand, I said aloud “Thank you for the excellent job miracle!”

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  1. Oh what a wonderful story Lisa! Hooray for you!!!!

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