Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

I’m actually writing this, sitting on the couch in my living room. May not seem extraordinary to you, but it’s an outright miracle to me. So much movement happened in the last few days…several car loads of boxes, friends to help, a great deal on a gently used couch, and one tired, but joyful blogger.

The inside of the new house is nearly immaculate, but the outside has litter everywhere. My goal is to go on “treasure hunts” and not stop until I’ve cleaned up 100 items that day. It should take about a year to pick it all up. The biggest pieces were used tires, and a rusty old axle from a trailer hitch with tires attached. I had no idea how to dispose of it or turn into lawn art.

There was one more problem. When I had the house inspected three weeks ago, the electricity was on and the well was pumping water. But when I unlocked the door and moved in, the faucets were dry. A call to my handyman friend went out the next day. He was stumped, too. We went outside to look in the well…and someone had stolen the pump and piping out of the well!

I’ve learned (the hard way) to view unexpected calamities as blessings in disguise. With one last trip to make to the old place to gather a few more things and clean the cabin for the next tenant, I was acutely aware of all my blessings. First, the number of good people in my life far outweigh the meanies. Secondly, that although I live more simply than most, I have so many possessions, including enough clothes to outfit several women. More  stored food than I could eat in a month.  Electricity to light my way and heat or cool my living space. Thirdly, that I have the increasing ability to bounce back from hardships with less struggle and more Grace.

The next morning, a well digger came out and measured the depth (231 feet). I hooked up the hot water heater and half an hour later had piping hot water! I’m so grateful for this precious resource, and the myriad ways it makes life easier – in cooking, cleaning, drinking, and irrigating. How do people manage that have no local source of potable water?

As I recline on the couch looking out the front door, rain pours off the metal roof in perfectly spaced, sparkling beads. It’s like looking out from behind a zen waterfall. I have plans to capture rainwater via a system of rain barrels in the near future. But at this moment, I’m enjoying the gently falling water.

One more thing. The robber took the rusty old axle that was such an eyesore. My well digger wanted one of the tires, and I said he had to take them all. So that means three more pieces of trash were recycled. Only 997 to go…


Think: Have you ever had a crisis turn into a blessing?

Say:  Share your story here. We can all use a little inspiration!

Do:  Practice reframing a difficult situation. Is there another way to look at it? What good can come of it?

Comments on: "Blessing in Disguise" (5)

  1. Lisa, you do show grace in the face of adversity, I must say! Be warned…the robber took your pipe and axle because scrap metal brings a good price. He obviously knows the house was empty, and likely lives nearby. Make sure he doesn’t come back for your new pipe when you’re out and about. Do you have a neighbor close enough to keep an eye on things? Or maybe a motion detector light and a big dog? And lastly…would your insurance cover this loss for you? Hope it all works out with no more problems Lisa. I’m so happy you’ve found your spot 🙂 !!!

    • Thanks for your concern, Sam. I’ve thought of all those things & want to be smart, but not scared. I think that once the For Sale sign came down, and there’s a presence in the house, that they won’t be back.

      The energy there feels really good (despite the litter), and will only improve. When I unpacked my books, I found the “Sense of Place” workbook from your class & will look through it from a different lens.


  2. Oh, how disgraceful we can be. I’m sorry this happened. I am glad you have the water back. Time to sage. This is a good moon, do it tonight. Can’t wait to see it! You’ll have fun finding bargains to fill it – that’s the best part! Settling in, making it yours, sharing your personality with it. Enjoy your first moments there!

  3. michelle said:

    i take the earlier advice.go to a local shelter n find a great puppy.or a small one with a big RUFFF! spread the love.

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