Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Birth Days

Like New Years Day, a birthday is an auspicious time to renew one’s vows to oneSelf.  Last year’s mantra was “I am loving like I’ve never loved before”. Which had double meanings. First, that I would stretch beyond my known capacity for loving others, and this was certainly brought into play with every family member, a lover, his extended family, and the community at large. Secondly, that I would love “as if” it were the first time. Sincerely, sweetly, innocently.

Throughout the year, I caught myself in times of ego driven fear, competition, and conditional relating. Like imaging myself living in my car, without any gas, without any skills that the world might value. Like bumping into my boyfriend’s gorgeous ex everywhere we went; including having her bunk in the next room at a dance weekend. Like expressing disappointed in the behaviors of those closest to me, when they were coping with life in their own way.

But more often, I surprised myself by displaying more empathy, wisdom, and unconditional compassion than ever before.  Like really getting where people are coming from and meeting them where they’re at. Like doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. Like listening more and offering advice less.

For my next trip around the sun, the mantra is not yet clear, but it has to do with transformation and being. Again, two meanings. Transformation implies change, movement, organic forming. And being means, well, already formed. It’s that dance of formless and form.  Surrender and will. Discovery and knowing. Continuum and Birth Day.


Think:  What have you learned in the last year? What would you like to focus on next? What is your mantra for your Self?

Say:  Make two columns on a piece of paper. In one column, list at least 10 verbs or actions that appeal to you. For example “dancing”.  In the other, list at least 10 adjectives, qualities that resonate. For example “serenely” Next, rip the paper down the middle and line up different verbs with different adjectives, mixing and matching until one combination sparks your interest.

Do:  Turn your word combination into an affirmation starting with the phrase “I am” and ending with the phrase of your choice. For example “I am serenely dancing into the unknown.”

Comments on: "Birth Days" (4)

  1. Collin said:

    Love this post. Food for thought… providing a plan to move forward in life gracefully and enthusiastically.

  2. From the time you dared yourself to join CS on your birthday, I have been constantly impressed that you make use of this yearly passage of time to challenge yourself and grow not just older, as many of us seem to do, but more aware. Happiest of days to a lovely and inspiring lady.

    • Was just thinking about you – you have a doppelganger who works in the local library! Thanks for the sweet words. I marvel at your brilliant life & future.


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