Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Each time I check my WordPress site stats, I’m awed by the distance this blog travels to reach folks in other lands. Like Croatia. Australia. Philippines. And I’m following blogs in faraway places like Nax Mont-Noble, Switzerland. The snow-covered Swiss Alps in the distance attest to the need for quality insulation, which will be supplied via straw bales. Watch this cool time-lapse video of the Maya Guesthouse under construction, creating a sustainable, efficient way to keep folks warm & cozy.

Yesterday as a guest at a local social event, three of us “newbies” were flabbergasted that following the meal and meeting, the newly purchased plastic table cloths and colorful runners were thrown in the trash! We stayed after everyone else had left, passionately discussing ways in which to educate this group and our larger community about living more sustainably, and repurposing materials.

Instead of getting angry or feeling overwhelmed, we can harness our energy to constructively respond to this teachable moment. I see this happening most effectively from the ground up, starting with a few conscious individuals who work together in grassroots groups, or “infiltrate” existing organizations.

For example, a church that I was active in before I moved had a committee called The Green Team. Members of this team went around the church grounds and interior, noting opportunities for greater efficiencies. This not only saved money, but reduced our energy demands, educated the fellowship, and reminded us that the world was created for the good of ALL. Some of the simpler changes we made were:

• Replacing disposable plates, cups and dinnerware with recycled, reusable plates, mugs and utensils. Then running the dishwasher only when full.

• Putting up small signs to remind members to turn off the lights when exiting rest rooms.

• Installing recycle bins in the dining rooms.

• Collecting rain water in rain barrels for landscaping use.

• Recycling paper bulletins at the end of each service.

There are so many other ways to conserve our precious resources, to be better stewards of our resources, and to protect the planet and all of its creatures. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, so let’s use our clear voices and strength in numbers to spread this message, near and far.

English: A recycle bin from the first collecti...

English: A recycle bin from the first collection of Rise Bins. A Gia type recycle bin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Think: What sustainable practices do you use at home that you could share with others?

Say: Within the organizations you already belong to, offer to present a quick tip, lead a workshop, or form a Sustainable Committee or Green Team.

Do: Harness the power of other like-minded folks to start new groups within your community to focus on bigger issues. Then, teach other groups by example. Your message could span the globe within seconds!

Can you relate? Please share...

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