Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Getting dizzy! I’ve been whirling around like a dervish, inside my head & inside the cabin. Visited the local Farmer’s Market today and found a small, sweet, community-minded venue for my simple repurposed goods (yoga mat bags, reusable shopping bags, unscented soaps, etc.) For the wonderfully low price of $5, I can hang out, meet the locals, and sell my wares all summer. What a deal!

On the way home I stopped at two yard sales. Found a set of three bunny rabbit molds for making unscented soap bars of soap for babies & kids of all ages. And bought some quart jars for my homemade laundry detergent. I’ll offer a discount when folks bring back the jars.

At the next sale, I found a box of 45 RPM records by country artists like Porter Wagner, Glen Campbell and Dolly Parton. What won’t sell on Amazon.com will be turned into custom picture frames. Instead of paying $1 a single, I bought the whole box for a discounted price. The seller hated to see them go, as she had so many memories embedded in the music, but I know they’ll bring joy to someone else soon enough.

Found several handmade baby blankets and blankets at a consignment shop the other day. They’ll get turned into various projects. Maybe lightweight string bags for filling with produce available in the other market stalls. I always keep a couple of reusable bags in the back of the car for grocery shopping.

What fun it is to find a golden oldie and remake it into something hip! There’s so much to do before setting up my table next week. Soap to make. Crafts to stitch. Signage that tells my story & why buying repurposed products is a creative way to help environment. Update the business cards. And most of all, have fun being resourceful and creative.


Think: What old items do you have around the house that could be used to create something new?

Say: Make a list of items you desire for a new craft project. Keep your list handy so when you run across these items you’ll be able to check them off your list.

Do: Scour yard sales and thrift shops for bargain basement deals. Or, sell or donate the things you no longer use to someone else. Charity guilds often collect materials for crafting into comfort shawls, hats for preemies, and other symbols of TLC.

Comments on: "Something Old, Something New" (5)

  1. I must say, where ever it is that you live sounds like a wonderful community!!

    • Hi Pip,

      It is! For a town of less than 1,700, there are more artists, healers & mindful people per capita than anywhere I’ve ever lived. We were all drawn here for some reason yet to be determined.

      Read your past few blogs and have one suggestion for your business . . . just relax into your fate. People are drawn to your light and will find YOU.


      • It definitely sounds like somewhere that I would love to be. 🙂

        Thanks, I’m doing my best to relax! I’m very laid-back overall, but when it comes to this, I have a hard time being that way. It’s a good day to surrender.

  2. I love to go to the thrift store for clothes that I can remake by changing a hemline, cutting off a dress and adding a different twirly skirt, etc.

    • You are SO creative with clothing. BTW I shared some of that amazing meat(less) loaf with Ro & she loved it, too. I think of that fateful luncheon often…


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