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Dream State

Ever have one of those vivid dreams that offers a profound answer to one of your real life questions? Had two of them the other night. Since a child, I’ve been able to remember many of my dreams with the ability to return to the story the next night, and the occasional lucid dream.  I grew up during the age of reel-to-reel recordings of home movies, so if I found myself in a disturbing dream I’d think “I don’t like this ending. I want to rewind the tape” and I’d make up a preferred ending while still asleep.

my lucid dream begins

The first dream that got my attention recently involved watching myself on video from a surveillance camera as I dropped my purse over a railing at a multi-story shopping mall (now you know I’m dreaming if you catch me at a mall). The first scene showed the purse dropping in slow motion. Then I got involved with other activities, and returned to watch a little more of the video tape. Saw the purse in midair, zippered part open, tumbling end over end. I just knew that all my money would be lost. Returned to watch a little more later on, only to see a bright green plant tendril snag the handle of the purse. Again, I didn’t have the patience to just watch the story play out in its entirety, but later watched a bit more, only to see the plant hauling my purse up and placing it safely behind the railing for me. My dream self thought “This is amazing! I’ve gotta put this on YouTube!”

The second dream was about being part of a team of underwater divers search for buried treasure from a sunken ship. The ones beneath the surface were unaware that a giant, rogue storm was headed their way. In the weird way that dreams can abruptly flip like the scene changes on “Batman”, the next thing I knew, I was watching the action play out in black and white as a TV movie, along with a dear friend. Flip! We were back in action, getting NOAA radio updates and knew we had to do something to warn everyone on the mission. After a few more flips between movie scenes and “real life action”, I told my friend “It’ll be OK. I’ve seen this movie before and know that it ends well.”

The embedded message in both dreams was obviously that “it ain’t over till it’s over” and what may seem like a catastrophe while we’re in its midst can turn into a miracle if we keep on watching as life unfolds. Also, that working with plants will bring in more money : ) So the next time you find yourself fretting over situations that seem unsolvable, invite your higher Self to dream up a solution.


sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


Think: What seemingly unanswerable question is haunting you right now?

Say: Write down your question and tuck it under your pillow for a few nights. Invite an answer to come while you dream.

Do: Journal about the dreams that are symbolic to you upon waking. Draw the symbols or a scene that will help you remember the dream, to refer back to as your life unfolds. Trust in the wisdom of your higher Self to guide you towards a creative solution.

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  1. thank you for the insightful post Lisa 🙂

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