Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

The Yoga Diaries

It’s an honor to have my story Yoga Black Belt published in The Yoga Diaries, the blog written by Jeannie Page (Martha Stewart’s Blogger of the Month in the November 2011 issue of Whole Living Magazine). Storytelling is something that didn’t come naturally to me – I was incredibly shy until I discovered a martial arts class at age 23.

As I participated in workshops to develop empowerment and leadership,  I learned that to be an authentic individual, to connect with other people with integrity and trust, that the power of my personal stories of failing and triumph bridges any gap. When friends and yoga students suggested that I become a storyteller my reply was “I’m not a storyteller. All of mine are true!”

A few years ago, I lived in an area where professional storytellers gather from around the globe to swap stories during a weeklong festival. For the first time I considered storytelling as a high art form. This blog is my first foray into sharing my “true” stories with all of you. My hope is that their transformative messages continue to ripple outward for the good of all. Namasté.


Think:  What are the stories of your life that are “too good to be true” but really are true? What lessons were learned that might benefit others?

Say:  Write down one of your stories, or record yourself speaking out loud.

Do:  Share your story with a loved one.

Can you relate? Please share...

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