Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Ever get the feeling that you’ve been walking around in circles, backtracking, or taking two steps back for each step forward on your own path? Me, too.  The last few days have been spent ripping out stitches. Not the kind that you get after having a body part stitched up, although those can hurt like the dickens, too. These stitches are literal and metaphoric. Unraveling old ideas about what I thought would be my forever home, job, relationships, and lifestyle.

Years ago while in the snowbelt, I crocheted this afghan during the cold northern nights. It is king-sized, thick and warm, however, I haven’t used it in a couple of years and decided to turn it into something new. Looking around my home, I spied my yoga mat and got the idea to crochet a yoga mat bag to sell online. And knit hats. And fingerless gloves. And plant hangers. And . . .

The premise for the items I make will be that they will be “repurposed” to some extent – instead of going into a landfill or lying dormant, I’ll include something old in everything new.  Yesterday, I asked my best friend if I could repurpose some fabric remnants and a partially made quilt his mom had started before she passed away. He got teary eyed at the thought and said “I can’t think of anyone who would make better use of this stuff.” Hundreds of little rosettes will someday adorn new creations that others can treasure.

My first creation is a work in progress . . . a mesh yoga mat bag. I’m still working out a design, but can visualize how I’d like it to look and function. It has already morphed a few times from the original vision, and I keep ripping out stitches in order to create a better design. But I’m pleased with the results so far. Sort of like life.


Think:  What goals and dreams have you managed to achieve? Which ones no longer suit you? How can you build upon your experience to branch off into a new endeavor?

Say:  Write down three instances of when you’ve had to start over, and it turned out to be a blessing.  Then, write down three ideas that you could try based on what you already know how to do.

Do:  Take one small step that you can accomplish towards your idea. Today. Read Genie Speaks story of how when she started blogging.

Comments on: "Ripping Out Stitches" (5)

  1. I found that “ripping out the stitches” and starting over I create a much stronger and my life more beautiful than I imagined.

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