Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.


Whew! A long-term relationship today with my sweetheart/ best friend reached a crossroads and took a detour. What I know:

• He loves me.

• I love him.

• Our lifestyles differ. A lot at times.

So how do people do it these days? With change happening at neck breaking speed around the globe, how do we stay true to our own path; copilot and cocreate with friends and lovers; and navigate modern-day spiritual, financial, technological, environmental, and relational roadblocks with finesse?

Her accent reminded me that next to the United States, most visitors to this blog hail from the United Kingdom.  Outside of James Herriot’s captivating novels like All Creatures Great and Small, I admit I know little of life in the U.K. It’s made me curious about my overseas neighbors. What are our commonalities? Our biggest differences? If you are from the U.K. (or any other country), please suggest some blogs or websites that will give us an idea of what life is like where you live.

I was born a few blocks (a kilometer) from the majestic Niagara Falls, and have invoked the image of the powerful falls and river in healing myself and others. Water cleanses, renews, and carries us forward. I’ve visited these falls up close and personal from motor boats; from above via a cable car and Ferris wheel; and from below wearing a bright yellow rain slicker against the spray. From any angle, the power of the falling water is mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. An estimated 28,000,000 tourists each year seem to agree.


Think:  If you could invoke the power of a waterfall to renew your Self, what would you let go of? What would you make room for? What would you invite in? Imagine standing beneath a wonderfully cool waterfall. Feel the water cleansing and clearing as it flows over and around you.

Say:  As you breath out, say to yourself “I let go of _____.” As you breath in, say to yourself “I invite in _____.” Repeat for several breaths. Then let go of the words and imagine floating in a peaceful pool, buoyant and carefree.

Do:  Visit a waterfall, or river, any body of water that inspires you to slow down, look deeper, and renew your Self.

Comments on: "Waterfalls" (2)

  1. i wish there was anyone near i live
    the pic is amazing

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