Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

A lot has happened in a few days! Got a lead on a fun & funky new job opportunity. When 5 people all tell you to call the same person, you listen. I’ll try it on a part-time basis when I get back from vacation and see if it fits. It seems to be just my style so far.

A couple in a Hammock.

Heading back into the BIG city tomorrow to see my sweetie, take in a play and his annual neighborhood Cajun party, then another fun contra dance weekend a week from now. I sure am blessed to be able to take in so many activities that really feed my soul – gardening, dancing, cultural events, even walking ‘round the block with my favorite person. As a small business owner and Type A overachiever, it took me a long time to allow myself time for fun in my life. After a few decades of practice, though, I no longer need to block off time in my calendar for rest and play. It’s become my lifestyle to work, rest and play with abandon each day.

Handled some business matters this morning, read the end of a great novel, then invited a friend to walk through the woods. Took her big dogs along, and they enjoyed the walk as well, one leading us along and the other taking his time. Met some of my gardening co-op friends after dinner to plant seeds in our community and personal plots. This group just works so well together despite having really strong personalities and varying competencies. We all have the same goal – to share resources and knowledge and eventually our harvest, in the most sustainable ways possible. Can you imagine if we all formed a global gardening co-op??

In light of my time off and new job, I’m going to start publishing this blog two or three days a week instead of daily. It seems that most readers regularly check it out on the weekends, or when there’s a strong topic. So in light of my commitment to play, rest and work with abandon, thank you for your continued interest, and I’ll get back to ya in a few days!


Think: When is the last time you took a vacation? How can you schedule a mini vacation this week? What would you do if your made your Self a priority?

Say: Make a list of ten or more activities that sustain your soul. Pick the top three and write them into your calendar.

Do: Find time to rest and to play and to work every day. If you are over scheduled, then block off time and keep these dates with yourself. It may take practice, but eventually it will become easier to align with your priorities and create balance in your life.

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  1. Lana bommicino said:

    glad you’re up here w/us

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