Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Touchy Feely

The process of developing an online presence is pretty complex. In the last month I’ve:

  • Reserved two domain names
  • Started this blog
  • Learned how to work my digital camera
  • Created a Gravatar
  • Updated my Facebook account
  • Networked and met incredible new online friends

Just this weekend I’ve also:

  • Designed and printed business cards featuring
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Organic gardening
    • Life coaching
  • Researched web design software & hosting
  • Researched online shopping carts
  • Joined Etsy to sell hand-crafted hats, bags & jewelry
  • Learned how to make scent-free soaps & cleaners
  • Networked and met incredible new face-to-face friends

In this high-tech world, it’s imperative that we balance our virtual lives with high touch. One of my new acquaintances is a young man who is a newly minted massage therapist.  We shook hands, then high-fived, then hugged as the conversation progressed.  His Mom joined in the discussion, and we talked about the human need for non-sexual, healthy touch. When contact with another caring person is missing from our lives, we may not even realize it until perhaps someone hugs us and we latch on for dear life! A friend blogged yesterday about missing those hugs. I think that’s why I enjoy contra dancing so much – lots of hand holding, hugs, and healthy human contact.

Twenty-five years ago, I was enveloped in a memorable hug when I met my long-haired, bushy-bearded future brother-in-law.  This was not your garden variety three-pats-on-the-back hug, but a real bear hug. He wouldn’t let go. I panicked. He whispered “Just relax”. I tried but it was a foreign experience.  And for the first time, I realized I was pretty darn touch-deprived.

Fast forward ten years. I’m almost finished with massage school, have gotten at least three mini massages every week for an entire year, and have worked on 100+ people. The first time I laid hands on someone, I went beyond the physical and “fell into” my partner, sensing her emotional state and history, and have the ability to work intuitively as well as tactically. After I worked on my instructor, he whispered “You were just supposed to massage me. Not heal me.” It was the highest compliment.

One day, my practice partner was non-other than my (now ex) brother-in-law! He was also enrolled in the massage school. I worked on him in the midst of a noisy classroom, working energetically as much as physically, and he went into a trance-like state for the hour. Afterwards he remarked that he couldn’t distinguish when I’d started working or stopped, but felt profoundly healed. In gratitude, I gave him a great big bear hug!


Think:  Are you a hugger? Why or why not?

Say:  Ask for help if your body is holding stress. A friendly shoulder rub goes a long way to loosening tight muscles and emotions.

Do:  Seek out a massage therapist, energy worker or other healing professional on a regular basis.  Many people exclaim “I didn’t even know that hurt until you touched me.” We all touch each other in profound ways.

Can you relate? Please share...

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