Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Or, as UrbanDictionary.com translates for the unhip among us “Peeps with similar likes, appearance, or behavior hang together, as in a clique.”   One of my dearest birding buddies sent me a note this morning to cheer on this blog. Birders are definitely birds of a feather.  As part of three formal birding clubs (or flocks), I’ve noticed the following field marks:

Other organizations I’ve belonged to recently are church groups, healing gatherings, literacy councils, dance societies, gardening co-ops, environmental organizations, hiking clubs, and the arts.  Every facet of life has “birds of a feather” waiting for our companionship if we so desire.


Think:  What groups do you belong to? Why are they important to you? Is it time to leave a group or to join one?

Say:  Use the power of the group to stand up for just causes.  A ladies group that I belonged to decided to use our monthly potluck and catch-up session as an opportunity to sponsor women in other countries who were in need of microloans through Kiva. Over time, our small contributions added up to thousands of dollars. As the loans were repaid our donations were reinvested to help more even women.

Do:  One of the keys to happiness and health is frequent social interaction. Contribute to your group(s) in your own unique way. Volunteer to lead, organize, teach, or serve in the background.

Can you relate? Please share...

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