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Re: Gifting

A hummingbird feeder appeared on my step this morning.  My generous landlady and friend is always gifting me with wonderful little surprises. Fuchsia flowers to brighten up the porch. Bananas and peppers and hummus, oh my! Her collection of DVD’s. And my favorite – an armful of pilfered rhododendrons!

We all love surprises, and takes just a moment to make someone’s day. When I send a greeting card, I’ll tuck in one of those cards from an inspirational deck like those from artist SARK. My new thing is to tuck in a packet of flower seeds (no extra postage required).

I’ve long been a fan of regifting. In a box on the top shelf of a closet sits a small collection of beautiful, new or nearly new items that people have generously given to me but that just aren’t my style, or are a duplicate of something I already own, or perhaps I did use for a time.  Sooner or later an occasion turns up with a recipient who would love this gift.

Sometimes, regifting can get awkward. Like when I passed along a box of Ghirardelli chocolates to a friend for the holidays. She was overjoyed, and said “These are my favorites. Where did you get them?” I hemmed and hawed, then admitted that someone had given them to me.  She didn’t mind!

When I had a yoga studio, I solved the regifting problem by setting out a box of items my family had given me over the years at the entrance to the studio with a sign that said “Free”.  Conversely, sometimes I’d receive a really nice present from a student that got passed on to a family member.  This way I was safe from giving someone their own gift back!

A friend of mine recently blogged about finding a deal on a long coveted salad spinner at a thrift store.  Unpacking it from the original box, she discovered a congratulatory wedding card that had a $50 gift card tucked inside.  That bride had regifted big time, and didn’t even know it! Check out her post here.

Another way to regift is to donate clothes, furnishings, and other household items with a lot of life left in them to a thrift store or consignment shop.  I made a tour of the local shops this morning, and found exactly what I was looking for – a magnifying mirror for $4. The shop owner made half of the selling price, and the previous owner made half. It was a win-win-win scenario!


Think:  How often do you turn down other people’s gifts? It’s important to honor and accept what another offers in good faith, even if we don’t have an immediate need (these gifts may be material, or non-material). By accepting the gift, you feed the giver.

Say:  Practice graciously receiving any and all good things offered to you this week.  Thank the person who offered you something whether you judged it worthy or not.

Do:  Pass along the abundance in your life. Allow all good things to flow through you. Joy comes through sharing what we have – be it a little or a lot. Surprise someone this week!

Comments on: "Re: Gifting" (6)

  1. I love the picture of YOU in the looking glass 🙂 And your friend that found the gift card in the salad spinner? She’s one lucky lady isn’t she? PS How far are you from Paint Rock Valley Lodge in Alabama?

    • Thanks, Sam. I can’t wait to read Part 2 of the salad spinner story soon. You going to the Old Timey Music Fest in Paint Rock Valley this fall? Or is your group playing there?


  2. Roberly Hirschlor said:

    I love getting such beautiful gifts (words). And I sure do believe in regifting. And I love the photo

    • Thanks, Ro! I had to relearn to let people give to me years ago, and I know folks who have a hard time taking in sweet things for their own reasons. But thank goodness we have learned to let life’s blessings flow to us and through us!


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