Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Ambled down the road from the cabin the other day with my walking stick. There are several woodland trails at the end of my road, and I set out to explore one of them. Purchased this walking stick from an artist who’s name I don’t recall – but the old-timer told me that this was a “lady’s stick”. The tip is outfitted with the sole of a high-heeled shoe “So when you reach the top of the mountain, it looks like you did it in high heels.” Ain’t that the truth!

I’ve long ago traded in all my high heels for hiking boots & flats. Found some litter along the trail and brought it home to discard or recycle. Here’s my booty: a beer bottle, a water bottle, orange twine & blue Styrofoam.

On the way back, I noticed several butterflies in one section of the trail – Pipevine and Tiger swallowtails.  As I turned to watch them swirl around me, I got a whiff of sweet aroma and spotted an orange flame through the trees.  Just 20 feet off the path were several wild Flame Azaleas – a rare woodland treat!

Singing in the trees lining the road was a Yellow warbler. So nice to spy this burst of sunshine outside my windows! Next time I’ll make a left turn instead of right and explore the river bank.  Can’t wait to see all the wild life attracted to the flowing waters.  I love to walk on the wild side!


Think:  When’s the last time you walked alone in a natural setting? What habitats call to you – ocean, field, mountain, forest? What attracts you about that environment?

Say:  Vow to take a walk on the wild side before too long. Give yourself a deadline for making the foray into your favorite habitat.

Do:   Allow time enough to wander and explore without an impending appointment.  Follow your intuition and notice what crosses your path.  Find a way to record and honor your adventure.

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