Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Just finished one of rare, life-changing books. Martha Beck’s “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want”. Her earlier book, “Finding Your Own North Star” published in 2002 is one of the books I’ve most often recommend to folks who are searching for a new way of living, but this new book is just as beneficial. It took a month to work through this book, because it is filled with exercises to explore before moving on. And I always do the exercises…

After working my way through this and other books and webinars, and journaling and daydreaming like crazy, I found myself (again) having moved to an entirely new community! But it feels like I have been moving towards this exact place and accompanying simpler lifestyle for nearly two decades. My spiritual life has once again shifted and deepened. It’s not just the outward move that has occurred, it’s the inward shifts that have taken me deeper into my soul’s desires and expression.

A woman I met the other day at the health food store said “I was Spirit led here, too, five years ago”. So many healers have moved to this tiny community during the last 15 years, that I marvel at how many of us there are per capita! Something bigger is going on here . . .

In Beck’s words “This is the way we save the world: one peaceful word, one act of compassion, one long sweet nap, one burst of laughter at a time. And if you embrace this way of living, even in the most ordinary and prosaic-looking ways, word will spread. Your purpose may be only to find your own path, but others will feel calmed and healed by your art, your way of creating it, your simple presence.”

Years ago, as I prepared to do perhaps my 500th massage, I felt weary and slumped against the wall outside of my massage room. The higher power inside me said emphatically “I did not say you were to be a Healer and Teacher. I said you were to heal and to teach. To heal your Self. You are not in charge of anyone else. They are in charge of themselves. Heal your own Self, then to teach other people how they can heal themselves.” This blog, and my life, are dedicated to the further healing of my Self. And to teaching other people ways in which they can heal themselves. And word will spread . . .


Think:  In what ways do you heal your Self? In what ways have you been ignoring your Self, or taking on other people’s stuff? What can you teach others that has worked for you?

Say:  Write down ways in which you are committed to your own healing.

Do:  Share your stories with others. Teach what you have learned.

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  1. Hello! I just discovered you through the ‘related articles’ helpful section of writing a new post, and I just finished that book! I also put the link to this entry in my entry today. 🙂

    • Thanks for that, Pip! I like what Martha Beck had to say about healers everywhere joining the global TEAM. Like-minded people tend to congregate, but lately it seems like we’re joining forces en masse. It’s very heartwarming.


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