Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Spent yesterday afternoon getting to know folks in town, and looking for part-time job opportunities. Started with a lead at a wilderness conservation group whose leader left for Alaska. They had already hired someone, but pointed me towards a website with other local, green jobs. On the way there, I’d passed a health food store. The clerk was so kind – spent about 15 minutes with me between customers, and gave me a number of business cards of other healers, and told me about a sustainability festival happening over this weekend. We exchanged stories and hugs.

Next, I checked out two fitness centers to see if they had room for a yoga teacher.  One place had just opened 6 weeks ago, and I really liked the décor, group fitness room, and friendliness of the owner and instructor . . . there’s a possibility of teaching here in the near future.  I was offered a complimentary class which I took this morning – it was tough! More hugs before I left.

At the Chamber of Commerce, the friendliest woman took my resume, gave me a flier for a small business that could use some help with promotion, and supplied me with road maps and hiking trail guides.  Best of all, she welcomed my input on a new 1st Friday concert series that will take over the town square.  I used to attend a similar event in a small town – Main Street was closed to traffic so the audience could set up lawn chairs and join together in applauding local musicians.  A hat was passed to take up a collection for the band, and a local company helped with sponsorship.  It was all very Norman Rockwell, and I’ve volunteered to help with the upcoming festivities.

Like following a trail of breadcrumbs, each helpful person pointed me towards the next . . . I circled back to the local arts council.  Offered free membership as a newcomer, I signed up to volunteer with a few of their upcoming events, and bought a ticket for a play that debuted that night.  It was a wonderful two-man show about idiosyncrasies only found in small town America.  Perfect ending to a perfect day.


Hug (Photo credit: Cliph)


Think:  When was the last time you volunteered in your community? What unique skills do you have that might benefit others? How can others help you reach your goals?

Say:  Make a list of your hobbies and passions.  Look online or in the phone book for matching organizations.  Call one of them to see what their current needs are.

Do:  Non-profits will always welcome donations of money, but donations of time, energy and hugs go a long way as well. And, you might meet new friends along the way.

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  1. I live in a town which still has an active downtown historic square. Further out of town near the interstate are all the large stores, theaters, restaurants, etc. I opened a small counseling business just off the square downtown. I prefer the small town feel & the friendliness of the people. Last weekend our horses arrived on the square. We have about 25 fiberglass horses that were painted by local artists & placed on corners around the historic courthouse. The square has been alive with families both young & old looking at all the designs & color. Last night was a taste of our town with delicious smells & tastes along with local musicians. I volunteer with a hospice to visit patients in their homes & nursing home. But I still want to get a more simple life in my home. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. I look forward to hearing more of your adventures.

    • Hi Lynn,

      Isn’t it great to love the place that you live & be a vital thread in the fabric of life there? Good for you, and thanks for sharing about life in your town!

      Some people work from the outside in, making life better for those around them. Some people work from the inside out, beautifying their homes & taking good care of themselves. But as a wise yoga teacher, Shanti, told me a long time ago “There is a time to go in and a time to go out.”

      Keep us posted on your progress as you transition towards”. . . a more simple life in my home”.


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