Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.


There’s an image I’ve literally been toting around. It’s a picture of simple cocoon, a butterfly, and one word: Change. At first I thumb-tacked it on my office wall, then clipped it to an art easel at home. Next it took up room on the side of a refrigerator in the city, and now it’s in my car, ready for placement here in the cabin. But maybe it’s time to recycle it – do I really relish any more change right now ??

Woke to the sound of a Wood Thrush. That’s it. No background hum of traffic, delivery trucks, helicopters or any other human-made sounds, except for my own easy breathing. Ahhh….

Joining in the morning chorus were a crowing rooster, Red-bellied and Pileated woodpeckers calling & drilling for insects, a Red-eyed vireo incessantly piping “Where are you? Over here. Here I am. Where are you?” At least one Tufted titmouse jabbering away, American crows cawing in the canopy, and a Blue Jay in the distance. As I write, a Red-bellied woodpecker drums on the tree my front porch wraps around, not 8’ away.

On the porch deck is an exquisite moth, I believe it’s a Tulip tree silk moth (Callosamia angulifera). Small leaves and seed pods drift down onto my keyboard. This day is a delight of sweet sounds and smells. Sights, textures and tastes. A Broad-winged hawk whistles nearby. Yes, all of the changes that have led to this moment have been worth it. The surprise is that this caterpillar has transitioned not into a brilliant butterfly, but into a simple woodland moth.


Think:  How do you start your day?  How can you ease into the day a little more sweetly?

Say:  Journaling first thing in the morning is a great way to capture dreams, prioritize your “to do” list and bring yourself into the moment.

Do:  Take a walk outside. Today.  Notice all the life around you, using all of your senses.

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