Lee and a curious calico crisscross the country in a RV, living simply and sustainably.

Have you ever had a nagging urge, a persistent calling, to live your life in a simpler way? To be more Thoreau-like? To become the person you’ve always wanted to be – inside and out? This blog is dedicated to those who have that calling, are well on their way, or have absolutely no clue about how to begin.

This chart may give you a better sense of who I am (the nerd in me loves stats & visuals):

As you can see, I moved to the BIG city 6 months ago. My sweetheart lives there, and I tried it on, but city life just isn’t my style. A burglar took off with my laptop and other electronic gear the first two weeks I was here –but not before he looked me in the eye as if to say “You gotta problem with this?” The neighbors were sympathetic but chorused “Welcome to our city”. Contributing to the community, I volunteered at the public library once a week, joined the local Audubon Society and tried to make a go of it.  However, when I mentioned to a friend that I’ve always wanted to live in a little cabin in the woods, she made a phone call. An hour later I had an appointment to view a newly refurbished cabin on the outskirts of small farming community. Population estimated at 1,600.

My new home is charming and fully furnished, so I’ll only need to bring some personal items.  But what to bring, give away, or leave in his spare room for the occasional visit? How much does one person really need in order to survive and thrive? I realize that not everyone who has the desire can just pick up and move. But there are things that you can do right now to make changes within yourself and your environment. Like notice your thinking patterns. Develop healthier habits. Expand your worldview. Volunteer. As a long-time teacher and practitioner of yoga, meditation, martial arts, and healing arts, I’ve suggested that my students start by sitting quietly for 5 – 10 minutes and looking inside. Notice what’s there…

I intend to fully live, play and work in my new community for the duration, be it two months, two years, or the rest of my life. This is going to be a time of transition – an opportune time to simplify and live more sustainably. There’s no telling how the story will end for you or for me, but don’t you wonder what will happen next?!

Thanks to Sandy Murray for taking the photograph on the About page & capturing me midstream.


Think: What does the life I’ve always wanted to live look like? Sit quietly, then visualize yourself living the life of your dreams.

Say: Tell a confidant about your dream. Journal it. Dance it. Find a way to express it out loud.

Do: Make a small outward change towards your dream life. Today.

Comments on: "Call of the Wild" (2)

  1. What an exciting adventure! I too am on a mission to find simplicity. I am living with people with disabilities and they are tacking me everyday what is really important in life. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for your encouragement! So nice to hear from you.

      It’s so important to focus on what we each of us can do than be overwhelmed by all the problems we can’t seem to solve. I’ve also learned that the best way to influence others is to model the behaviors I’d like to see from them. “Be the change” for real.


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